About the Artist

The happiest state for an artist is to paint and to share art.  This is what I do.  I am  an artist with passion and love for everything alive, with soul, with dignity, with beauty.  

Cherishing every moment on this beautiful Earth and sharing my fascination with the World, in color, on canvas, with you...

I was born with the talent to paint.  My art endeavors started from 4 years old, with colorful and emotional representation of every-day life, people, activities, World... Later, style developed where I created free-hand images of people and scenes, in pen.  Those belong to my favorite as far as art achievements go.    I incorporated more and more color as better art media became available, including acrylics, markers or pastel chalk.  My family and several friends now own their portraits in pastel.

In the United States, and especially with the Internet, I launched successful art career, with several art gallery exhibits, offering my arts and crafts in stores, cafes, restaurants, and malls; selling on different websites on-line.  I love creating art for people that I care about or for strangers, which become later my happy customers.


Donating for a good cause, including health, animal support, or disaster relief, has been very important and consistent part of my art and business activity.


I am an educated professional, whose hobby gradually evolved into a beautiful business, based on creativity and sharing.